Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Time Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

Well here first post!

As a lover of paint, it only follows that my first post is about, yes, you got it....PAINT!  Now, there is a lot one can say about paint but I'm going to start by talking about what is all the rage in painted furniture right now, Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a line of paint developed by, ok you got it again, Annie Sloan, a decorative painter and author who lives in England. A great description of the chalk paint comes right from her website at and follows below:

"About the Chalk Paint

Painting with our paint should always be a pleasure.
Annie Sloan developed her now famous Chalk Paint to answer the need she had for a paint which would have many uses from acting like limewash to looking like old painted furniture and that had a good range of colour that could be extended by the user. This paint is very easy to work with and allows people to be creative as one doesn't get involved with the technicalities of preparation and it also allows you to change your mind without hassle."

The first thing I have to say about Annie Sloan paint is that the color palette is delish. Soooo pretty and very french. I choose for my first colors the Paris Grey and Original (a warm off white). I also purchased the clear and dark wax and the large brush.  And let me tell you, spring for the brush! Its amazin! 

For my first project, I wanted to tackle something small and manageable so I got workin' on fixin' up a mirror from an old bedroom set and let me tell you, I am just lovin' it (sounding a bit too country, think?).

So here are my project how to's:

Old oak mirror from a bedroom set, pretty blah!

  • With Annie Sloan paint(ASP), they say you don't need to prime, which is music to my ears, so just paint it on like you would with a latex paint and your favorite paint brush.
  • Great Annie tip, don't even bother with taping a mirror or window. Just use a piece of scrap paper to move along the edge as you paint. 

  • Great coverage and dry time! ASP covers great so I only needed one coat with a light second and it dries so quickly you can do several layers and wax in a day!
  • After paint was dry, I sanded my piece to distress with a 100 grit sanding block. Then, I sealed the painted mirror with the clear wax (which is your top protective coat) using Annie's wonderful big brush. I worked in sections and added some dark wax here in there for some antiquing. NOTE: Annie says sand after waxing. Why? This is because it keeps the dust down. However, I found that I like to sand after paint is dry and before waxing, despite the dust, because I like to sand, step away, sand more, and then sometimes I want to go back and paint over an area that is too distressed or whatever it is that is bothering me and I don't want the wax. I wait until I have my project mostly completed before I wax.
  • The finished product....beautiful!

Upstyled mirror with Annie Sloan Paris Grey
Detailed look at distressing and antiquing


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