Tuesday, March 6, 2012



One of the little joys of furniture UpStyling is selecting the knobs or handles for a piece. From the moment I lay eyes on a furniture project, my mind is not only imagining all the paint possibilities, but also the all the possibilities for the hardware. In fact, I think I get a little crazy. Oh you'll see what I mean! Just wait till you get yourself on etsy.com and immerse yourself in all the knobs etc available. Glass, vintage, handpainted, hanging....oh the choices are endless!

The places I most often look to for knobs are:

  • Esty.com and ebay.com
  • hobbylobby.com (there is also a location in Columbia, MD!)
  • anthropologie.com
When deciding what hardware to use for a piece, don't forget to consider using what is already on a piece. Original harware can really keep the vintage feel or you can simply update it by actually painting the hardware itself.

Annie Sloan portfolio piece with painted original hardware
My best hardware tip...

So many times as I was replacing knobs, I ended up not having a long enough or too long or the wrong size screws!!!  Then I found this....

Ok...get this, they are really long and are scored at various points so using pliers, you can simply twist them apart at the correct length...genius!!!


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