Thursday, August 30, 2012

T-Shirt Art

As any mother of a rough and tumble sport playing kid knows, there simply are things you can have too many of.....things like t-shirts and trophies.

In my home, my sons' drawers choke on an overflow of t-shirts and every piece of real estate on a their shelves has been claimed by dust laden trophies yielding lacrosse players holding broken sticks. I have tried to convince my boys to part with their prized mementos of youth sports.  I have had only limited success.

These testaments to their heroics cannot be parted with, so they tell me. My only recourse has been to "relocate" some of the items. Trophies have found their home in a box in the basement. T-shirts have moved to an overflowing bin, hidden in the recesses of their closets.

Although the t-shirts are many sizes too small for either boy, they tell me they cannot part with them. So the "t-shirts are too small for me but I want them anyway" have remained hidden...yet, they occupy precious closet space.

I have secretly toyed with idea of making them "disappear, hedging my odds that they would not notice for years. But I worry. Imagine the trauma I could possibly cause them if they were to find their beloved 2005 stained Beach Lax t-shirt was forever gone? So they remain. Bins of trophies and t-shirts slowly multiplying.

Finally I realized, I could do better. It was time I honor the t-shirts. I believe that any object that holds good memories should be in your life daily. So here's a simple and inexpensive project to repurpose your children's beloved t-shirts.


A variety of canvas boards purchased on sale, preferably, of course :)

A selection of those old t-shirts.
Select a t-shirt and center over canvas.

Carefully reverse t-shirt and cut to fit, leaving an inch or two boarder to staple to canvas.

Staple away....



Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Organize Your Keyring

Sometimes it seems I just have too many BIG projects to complete! So, when I find something I can accomplish quickly and easily and that will bring some order and some "pretty" into my life, I am very happy. Not a home improvement idea, but I had to share this...

So, here is a look at my key ring, the way it was...not so pretty.

Plenty of keys that I have no clue what they are for and a ton of those annoying cards.
See, not pretty, not pretty at all.

But, take a look

How much better is this??  3 steps for this simple satisfaction..

  1. Download the FREE app Key Ring onto your smart phone!! This app lets you enter all your cards and then you can just scan from your phone. It slso lets you download deals for your cards. So, toss those messy tags and clean out your wallets.
  2. Pitch any keys that you are dumbfounded as to what they were ever for and how they even got on your ring.  If your worried you may realize what they are for and desperately need them (murphy's law)  just put them aside.
  3. Get yourself a new keyring to show off your now organized personality. I love the Finderskeypurse. Visit or amazon. Tons of styles and you can hook it onto the side of your bag. That means no more searching for your keys, because if your bag is like mine, it is a seemingly endless pit. My husband and son's are terrified of my purse! They don't understand my organized chaos and fixing that is another story.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beautiful Ways to Welcome Autumn...

Every year at this time, Michael's Craft store sends me into a tizzy. Just the other day, I was headed to Michael's to run some errands, only to find Halloween and autumn in full swing. Cackling witches. Dried leaves. It was all there.

 With little thought having been given to the upcoming fall, I left only with my art supplies and a nagging sense that once again, Halloween would be here and I would only be half done gluing rubber snakes to a wreathe. But not this year. In fact, this year, I would see my fall decorating ideas come to fruition, from start to finish. Fall is after all my absolutely most favorite time of year. Beautiful, colorful, fragrant, football filled, Indian summer Fall. So good-bye shorts and humidity and hello boots and I come!

Are you ready for fall? Here are some of the most inspiring entryways I found to welcome in Autumn:
Courtesy Pottery Barn
I think this was from their past fall catalogue but it is probably my favorite fall porch.
You just can't go wrong with an abundance of lanterns and crows.

Courtesy Pottery Barn
Lanterns and crows closeup.

Courtesy Pottery Barn
Lanterns, leaves...again, gorgeous simplicity.

Courtesy Pottery Barn
OK..I'm a big PB fan, but they really can do no wrong.

Courtesy Good Housekeeping
Great pumpkin topiaries for Halloween night.

Courtesy Martha Stewart
Beautiful monochromatic look.
Courtesy Martha Stewart Living
Classic pumpkin elegance.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Design Inspiration from Telluride Colorado

Can you believe it is August already! I am finally winding down from an onslaught of lacrosse tournaments and now getting ready for school to begin for my boys. In between all that, we got away on what was an amazing vacation to Telluride, Colorado with stops in Denver and Moab. Telluride was breathtaking! I am a mountain girl (I came home with a cowboy hat!) and I could seriously move out west in a heartbeat. However, I would have panic attacks driving on some of those high mountain cliffs...that could definitely be a problem.

I wanted to share a couple pictures of the beautiful scenery and some great decor from the Tomboy Tavern restaurant in Mountain Village Telluride.

Warning: my pictures are not the best here. Apparently two glasses of wine has a bit of a negative impact on my photography skills! I will take that into account on future evenings out!

This was one of two seating areas in the restaurant. I would love to recreate the look. Crisp white trim all around room. Deep neutral walls. Dark weathered wood plank floors and reclaimed barn wood on ceiling. I loved the fireplace with the brick, crisp white and heavy dark beam and I love, love, love the dark gray imitation bull head!

Empty wine bottles make a simple chandelier unique.

Love using old barn doors inside...future project!! *photo skills dwindling as wine takes effect:-)

Reclaimed barn wood ceiling.

OK, now take a deep breath and relax...


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