Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Organize Your Keyring

Sometimes it seems I just have too many BIG projects to complete! So, when I find something I can accomplish quickly and easily and that will bring some order and some "pretty" into my life, I am very happy. Not a home improvement idea, but I had to share this...

So, here is a look at my key ring, the way it was...not so pretty.

Plenty of keys that I have no clue what they are for and a ton of those annoying cards.
See, not pretty, not pretty at all.

But, take a look

How much better is this??  3 steps for this simple satisfaction..

  1. Download the FREE app Key Ring onto your smart phone!! This app lets you enter all your cards and then you can just scan from your phone. It slso lets you download deals for your cards. So, toss those messy tags and clean out your wallets.
  2. Pitch any keys that you are dumbfounded as to what they were ever for and how they even got on your ring.  If your worried you may realize what they are for and desperately need them (murphy's law)  just put them aside.
  3. Get yourself a new keyring to show off your now organized personality. I love the Finderskeypurse. Visit or amazon. Tons of styles and you can hook it onto the side of your bag. That means no more searching for your keys, because if your bag is like mine, it is a seemingly endless pit. My husband and son's are terrified of my purse! They don't understand my organized chaos and fixing that is another story.


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