Monday, January 14, 2013

Live the Life You Have Imagined

I love keeping a chalk board in my home. Most of the time, the chalk board acts as a shrine to sports, with the Penn State Football schedule or my son's varsity laccrosse schedule etched upon the board. However, in between sport seasons, much to my boys' dismay, I try to put up inspirational quotes. 

Quite predictably, my teenage boys roll their eyes and tell me it's dorky. Well, maybe, but I keep it up there anyway, threatening them if they dare erase it or run a finger through my scrolls. I love that they can't help but see it everyday. Certainly the message must seep in! I actually know it does for me. Just a small positive thought that can catch my attention during the course of the day and sort of set me straight.

For this new year, I wrote up part of the quote from Henry David Thoreau. The whole quote is, Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” I couldn't fit the entire message on the board in a large script writing that I thought looked pretty, so choosing style over substance, I just took the meat of the quote. 

This year, I wanted to be reminded of all that is possible, and all that is so good already. 

Find beauty in your day!

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