Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Save a Paint Brush

When I am painting, I am usually working on more than one project at a time. As I am waiting for one piece of furniture to dry, I am touching up or starting another. This process is never pretty. Multiple colors of paint cans, some open, some covered, lay about. They are joined by various jars of waxes and stains, along with an assortment of artist brushes and paint brushes. Quite often, in my artistic flurry, I leave a paint brush unattended and fully loaded with paint, only to suffer a slow death. Before long, I find its long tapered handle covered in a cement of dried paint and its soft bristles hard and virtually immovable. I confess I have ruined quite a few brushes this way. So, I was thrilled when I found this simple tip on Pinterest.

 All you need is Murphy oil soap, and of course, your dried up paint brushes.

This brush's bristles had dried together with paint and it was unusable.

  I soaked my brush overnight and in the was like new!!! I then used this all my brushes and no matter how old the paint on them was, they all cleaned up beautifully. I now use Murphy oil soap to clean my brushes daily.

Find beauty in your day!

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