Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Fix Watermarks on Furniture

For the past couple weeks, I have been having some changes made to my website and blog, so, I really didn't want to post much. I sort of figured, why have anyone drop by and visit when things were not "all fixed up"? Right?

Well this week all the changes should be in place and with the kids back to school, I am ready to get posting.

Now, with all this time I have now that the kids are back in school, I still manage to fall behind here and there, because furniture rehab is just not a perfect science. For instance, I have been trying to finish a small buffet in a Duck Egg Blue distressed with gold beneath. And this baby has been giving me little fits.

 The first problem was this. (Oh, yeah. I'll let you here about the other problems in upcoming posts) After finishing my first coat of Duck Egg Blue, some ugly water marks popped up!

Now, even though I have been doing this for years, I never had this happen! I immediately went to my source for great refinishing advice, The Purple Painted Lady at

There, I discovered Zinsser shellac. Thank the Lord! Here I thought I would have to re-sand and all it took... was two coats of Zinsser Shallac to seal the stains and prevent future bleed through.

Look how perfect it turned out! Not a watermark in site! Here's how ->

Easy Way To Fix Watermarks on Furniture

On an original furniture surface with a watermark, stain, or wood sap bleeding,
or on a just painted surface where a water mark has appeared:
  1. Spray surface with an even coat of of zinsser shellac.
  2. Wait 5 or more minutes and spray with a second even coat of zinger shellac.
  3. After only 10 minutes, surface with marks can be painted.

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