Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Favorite Autumn Display and The Tobler Grounds and Garden Tour

For over 6 years now, my boys and I have been making a 45 minute commute each way to their school (I know, crazy).  And each year, we know fall has arrived and Halloween is coming when we drive pass this display of autumn perfection.

Standing amongst bails of hay, an assortment of colorful gourds, crows and chickens, is the scarecrow. A perfectly weathered and weary figure with a touch of creepy. Every morning with my sleepy kids in tow, he would great us and the boys would perk up. 



Then just before Halloween would arrive, we would drive by to find the scarecrow surrounded by glowing sculls and boney hands reaching up from the ground. I always marveled at what a perfect way the scarecrow transitioned into halloween. 



Now the other week, after all these years, I decide to ask the home owner if I could take some pictures of the scarecrow for my blog.  At least, I wanted to let the home owner know how much we have enjoyed him all these years and how much we appreciated the effort that must be put into erecting him year after year.

So, I left a note in the mailbox and was thrilled when I received a call from the home owner, Lynell Tobler. Lynell not only invited me to come take some pictures of the scarecrow, but also to visit and show me around her historic farmhouse.

When I met Lynell, she was beautiful, vibrant and guess what else? I found out she too writes a blog! It was one of those things that actually came as no surprise. Not only was Lynell's home fascinating, but she was as well. She shared with me some of her own journey which included her transformation into fitness buff, her love of fashion and her devotion to animals to name a few. In addition, she had just returned from her sister's side after seeing her through brain surgery. Lynell shares these stories and more in her blog.

After spending time with Lynell and learning some of her home's history, I set off to take some pictures. In this post, I wanted to give you a tour of the outside and the grounds of the home. It was magical. The home retains so much of its original character and the rustic feel of the grounds suites its history.  And let me tell you, the inside of the home was just as charming as the outside...and I'll share that with you in another post.

Enjoy the tour
and please drop by Lynell's blog at and say hi!

Happy Halloween!



Cassie Bustamante said...

love it! the epitome of fall!

Jocie@TheBetterHalf said...

love the hay and pumpkins but those guys scare me! :)

Our Pinteresting Family said...

It's so amazing! What a riot that she also has a blog. It was so sweet for her to let you share her decorations.

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