Friday, October 4, 2013

The Top 20 Ways to Repair & Restore Wood

Problems with wood.

 I know you all have had them. 

For all of us that love to find an old discarded dresser and turn it into something beautiful, or for all of us that just want to revive a favorite piece of furniture,
 there will always be, problems with wood. 
Maybe it's peeling veneer or maybe a table leg that your pet decided looked like a bone. Whatever it is, just as you begin your restyling project, suddenly you wonder....
CAN I fix this?
HOW do I fix this?
WHERE can I get some answers?!

Well, I know where you can find answers to ALL your wood problems and even better...
ALL of your home repair and design questions.

(click above to see all the tips on Hometalk)

If you have a home or just love DIY and design,
you must stop by Hometalk and sign up for a free account.
 Believe me, it is as much fun as Pinterest. Well...actually more! Like Pinterest, you get to post your favorite DIY projects, repair ideas and inspirational photos to boards you customize,
but... it is more of a community.

At Hometalk, you can comment and ask questions about other people's projects you like, you can post your own favorite projects or just ask the community for help with a problem.
How great is it to have an expert carpenter or a really creative blogger
 to ask directly for advice?
Really great.

So, back to those wood problems.
 Well, I was lucky enough to be asked to curate a board (above!) for Hometalk about
 "How to Repair and Restore Wood" and I was so thrilled!
 I had so much fun delving into Hometalk and clipping to all my boards. For the Repair and Restore Wood board, I focused on compiling all the best advice on Hometalk to solve all those seriously annoying wood problems you may encounter.

Like how to fix those legs your dog chewed:

From Porta Verde Studio.

Or, revive that favorite old wood with just a stain from vinegar, tea and steel wool.... yum!

Learn all these great ideas and more



Have fun clipping!



Cassie Bustamante said...

great tips!!!

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