Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dressing up Furniture with Hardware

Paris Grey Vintage Dresser
One of my favorite parts to Upstyling furniture, is picking out knobs and pulls. Now sometimes, you get lucky and have a piece with beautiful vintage hardware and you don't have to do a thing. Here I only switched out the top two knobs. The pulls are original.

Pretty vintage pulls.

Other times, I will use the original knobs...but update them. Here, I just painted the pulls the same color as the dresser or at least added touches of the paint color to tie it all together.

Just a light coat of chalk paint to tone down the brass.

Knobs lightly painted for a tone on tone look.

But, sometimes you might have furniture with missing or dated knobs.

So... in this post I want to round up some of my best advice for dressing up furniture with hardware.

Best way to clean dirty hardware:

To clean dirty hardware
I like to soak in a bath of baking soda and vinegar and use a old toothbrush for scrubbing if necessary.

To remove paint on knobs without chemicals check out

My favorite shops for Hardware:

Great selection, a lot of original styles and all at a great place. Search the site under knobs or pulls. In store, it seems knobs are always 50% off and always check for coupons.
Etsy is a great source for vintage hardware, beautiful glass knobs and painted knobs. Shop and favorite your most loved sites so you can return again. One of my favorite shops on Etsy for hardware is Etsy.com/shop/Firstfinds
Really beautiful knobs but a little pricey. I like to shop discounted knobs when I am in the store and usually I use Anthropology only for pieces requiring a few statement knobs

Best tip of the day…..for Screws to that are too short:

One day I was looking for help in Home Depot because my knob screws were too short for my drawers, I was introduced to this product. Maybe I was late to the party, but I had never seen these! Now, I always keep these on hand. These are easily snapped to adjust to your needed length. Click here to see my simple tutorial on cutting these to size.

A drawer with too many holes or holes that are too big:

For too many holes or holes's that are too big for your screws, you will want to back fill all the holes with a good non shrinking wood fill that holds screws. Look for products like this, that say something like "strong nail & screw anchoring."

Add caption

Hardware that requires visible screws and does not come with matching screws:

Now I did say I liked Hobby Lobby, and I do, but over the summer I ordered these pulls. They are actually a great style and with a great price. However, when I got them, I realized that while they fit the 3 inch hole span in my dresser, they were not designed for regular knob screws. These required 3 small screws to attach them from the front of the drawer and they did not come with any screws! I eventually found these screws would fit but…

But, the holes were too big so I had to fill them in.

Then, I needed more holes too, so I had to mark and drill them.

Then, the screws did not match the hardware so I had to touch them up with metallic bronze paint to get them to match.

But, in the end, I had a dresser all "dressed up" with hardware.

Duck Egg Glam Makeover

Find beauty in your day!


Megan Poletti said...

This is great info! I never knew about those "sizable" screws either. I know this is going to come in handy some day.

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Those snap off screws are GENIUS! I will be looking for those!

Stevie said...

These are some gorgeous pieces you shared here. It really amazes me how the hardware can change a look. I am in search of some new knows for some built in draws in my laundry room. I'll have to check out the places you mentioned!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

This really helps me, I planning to dispose my old cabinet but when I saw your post it inspired me to redecorate and fix my old cabinet. Maybe I should buy some stuff to the hardware store for decorative stuff.

Unknown said...

This information is great. I really like all the knobs on these dressers, they look great. I recently redid my dresser and am looking for knobs to finish the look.

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