Monday, December 23, 2013

Back From A Break

Since really launching my blog and regularly posting in August, I felt I had come a long way. Figuring out blogging was tricky. What do you write, how do you get heard? Slowly, I started to understand how to grow my blog and learned a lot from so many other talented bloggers.

Then, I took a little break. I fell and broke my foot. Now I would have liked to start this post writing about how I landed wrong snow boarding or how I stumbled running trails training for an ultra marathon. But no. I have no such exciting story. 

Simply barefoot and clumsy, I landed on a stray boot at the bottom of our garage stairs and landed sideways on my foot. Now who leaves their shoes all around where someone can trip on them!! Oh, yes, it was me. Go figure, I landed on my own mess. Bet you can guess there are no pictures of an organized garage on my blog coming soon!

Now 4 weeks into my boot, I had to adjust to slowing down. I decided to let the big furniture projects I had wait and I began to work on some signs as gifts for friends. The couple of blog projects I wanted to start, I put on hold. And with that, it just didn't seem I had much to blog about.

But, in this time, I got to think a lot about my blog. I decided I would try to make it a little more me. While I want the biggest chunk of it to be really good painting advice and projects, I also think maybe just a little day to day chat and inspiration would fit too.'s some chit chat.

During the last several months, I got to work with a wonderful group of women for the Greens Committee for our sons school. Several times each week we would meet at Donna's house and her house was just BEAUTIFUL. I could give a whole tour of it, but on one of the last meetings I snapped this picture of a beautiful Christmas display on her kitchen ceiling. The lights and branches were anchored onto the recessed lighting and then tied into the electricity.

 In the New Year, I am looking forward to sharing some great projects on my blog. I have some home projects I will be starting and.....

I am also excited to create a new furniture finish using Modern Masters metallic paint for the Modern Masters  Shine Big, Shine Small campaign! As a decorative painter for over 10 years Modern Masters was always my go to faux finish line. This will be fun!!

Bring beauty to your day!


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Savvyworkinggal said...

This is just beautiful. Can relate to wearing a boot. I wore one for six weeks last fall after having foot surgery. It was funny, afterwards I ran into a couple of neighbors wearing boots - both had broke their foot. One fell off her own shoe. At least it was in the fall and not this winter with all the snow.

Love your ideas. Happy SITS Day.

Chaudhry said...

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