Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Farm House Tour

A Barn and an Anvil Stole my Heart...The Wilson Green Farm Tour

For years my husband and I had talked about moving. We lived in a normal builder four bedroom colonial. Over the years, we had fixed it up, adding character with things like wide plank wood floors, new banisters and a white country kitchen. The house was pretty and comfortable and the neighborhood was great. Excellent schools, trails and parks and even a historic downtown. Our kids loved it.

However, by middle school we had started to send our boys to a private school. A  great school, but not a great drive. It was a 45 minute commute each way. That's 1.5 hours round trip. And that was a lot of time and gas.

So, we would day dream about moving closer to the school. We would day dream about just making a change.

I longed for something different. I had visions of front porches, plaster walls and private gardens. But, the market was moving quickly and I didn't know what we would find. Or, what we could afford.

All I kept telling my husband was that it had to be "something special." That didn't mean big. It didn't necessarily mean expensive. It simply meant a home that had charm and character. A home with spaces to sit and dream. I didn't want anything to do with typical.

And along came Wilson Green Farmhouse.

grey shutters on brick

The funny thing was I had our wonderful realtor Donna take us to Wilson Green, but I hadn't told my husband. I had shown him online pictures and he wasn't interested in seeing it. The interior design wasn't really our style and it didn't translate well to pictures. But, now that we were already out seeing other houses, he agreed to look, reluctantly. We walked through with the owner as she showed us around the home and like me, he fell in love. Donna fell in love with it too. And she made certain the not real cow conveyed with the home.

Earl the Cow....and yes I know it should be a girl

Long story short, after weeks of dealings, stressing and reassuring our boys it absolutely wasn't haunted, we moved in.

Now many people don't get old homes. They are work, they are quirky. But to all of us that love to touch the walls of an old home that have surrounded families for generations, they are the only places that really feel like a home.

After moving in, many friends have expressed their love of old homes, how they always wanted to live in something old. I want you to go ahead and dream. Hold whatever you truly want in your heart and it will come to you. Your old home will find you too!



Trisha D. said...

Oh my goodness, your new (old) home is absolutely charming. I love the exterior details, and it looks GINORMOUS!! Those brick walkways, the amazing landscaping, I just want to invite myself over (ha!). It does kind of remind me of a bed and breakfast. I hope the owner shared some of the home's history with you during your tour!

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie, I am completely enthralled with your home and just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring your Hometalk post on our FB page today. Thank you so much for sharing your house story with us!

Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful home! My dream is also to own somthing old with charm and a porch someday.I never want a new or typical house.

Unknown said...

What a great story! And your home is gorgeous!

For me, its am old home any time. Oh sure, I would love a huge master ensuite. But give up high ceilings and 8" baseboards for the convenience of a walk-in closet? No way. I love our 85 year old lady with her original hardwood floors and 100 year old maples.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty she is, complete with lovely gardens, brick walkway and that porch! Enjoy her granduer. Sure would love to see interior photos. Thanks for sharing your story.

Sheila said...

OMG, your home is to die for. I would move there in a heartbeat!! I bought an old house 4 years ago and have never regretted it even with all the work. She's 75. She's not as big and beautiful as yours (she's not a farmhouse) but I love her just the same. And what you said about feeling homey, that is so true. I have never felt more "at home" than I feel in this house. I never felt that in the newer homes I owned. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous farmhouse.

Sarah said...

Found you on pinterest, and am a new follower. Would love if you could follow back at www.churchstreetdesigns.com

Cecilia said...

It is truly a beautiful old home. Looking forward to following your journey. I am a new follower! We bought our dream 2 years ago - a sweet little farm. We will move there permanently in 3 years. I would love for you to visit and follow me back at www.thebfarm.blogspot.com.


Unknown said...

My gosh! That's an adorable looking home. I've almost ran out of praiseworthy adjectives for that house because most of the commenters above have already used them. Hahaha! Anyway, I also love old homes in the old colonial styles. Their charm, if not their already apparent beauty, wins me every time. Congratulations on the acquisition of that old, or should I say golden, property! Cheers!

Julio Oyola @ Vancouver Canada Homes

Zakkiya Hamza said...

That is an absolutely beautiful house you have there. What I love about old houses is that they had stood the test of time to be standing up and this one looks like a keeper. Splendid !

Mallory Boyce said...

I can’t blame you for loving the house. It’s really amazing! Its rustic design and wonderful accents make it look more vibrant and inspires an inviting atmosphere. Thanks for giving us a tour!

Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group

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