Monday, February 2, 2015

A Tour Inside Our Old Victorian Farmhouse....The Day We Moved In

Last May my family and I moved into an 1860 brick Victorian Farmhouse. 

It was old and charming and as soon as the last moving box hit the floor, I shared with my readers the grounds of our new home. The landscape and surroundings were enchanting and they had captivated me just as much as the home itself.  (Visit that post here)

What I didn’t share was the inside.

Now for a home that was nearly 200 years old, it actually was in beautiful shape. It had been well renovated over 30 years ago. But still, 30 years had left some renovations dated and the paint colors (and there were a lot of them) from the previous owner weren’t for me.

With a lot of projects ahead of me, I decided I would post each room after it was updated. 
Well, that is what I planned.

Even as my husband and I worked on the house, painted and painted some more, we really hadn’t created any great transformations. Instead, I found myself with a home that was still a work in progress and a business that I had unintentionally put on hold. I hadn’t restocked my Etsy store and I had not posted to by blog.

It was then, months into our move, that two things dawned on me. 

First. With time, money, oh and lets not forget, my indecisiveness always an issue, it would be a long time before I felt a room was “finished.”

Second. I realized that a “finished” room is not really the story. Sure a good before and after picture packs a lot of punch, but the real story is in the process. It is the design ups and downs, the good decisions and bad decisions that are truly interesting. 

So, I am now ready to share our design journey in this old house of ours, as long and imperfect as it may be....and not wait for the destination. 

So for starters, 
here is a tour of our old Victorian farmhouse the day we we moved in.  

Here is the enclosed side porch off of the kitchen.
French doors lead to the garden.

This is the second area of the enclosed porch,
 which can be closed off from the main area.
I am hoping to make this my studio by summer. 

The Country kitchen.
Just off of the mudroom and laundry.

We start updates in two weeks, so I am looking forward to sharing the changes.

Another angle of the kitchen.
How about that for an accent wall?

The dining room that we will use as a sitting room.

 Here is the main living area. 
Pretty! This space didn't need much work. 

The front stair case.
This was one of my favorite features.
 I can't wait to share more detailed pictures coming soon.

Upper floor landing, outside of master bedroom. 
There is another set of stairs leading to the kids bedrooms.

The master bedroom. 
Painting in progress...

Second floor hallway.

Guest bedroom.
 Round the corner, another bath, office and servant stairs.

So there you go.. 
 A little glimpse of "what we got ourselves into." 

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