Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Welcoming New Look With Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Just before memorial weekend, I was able to cross a project off our never-ending home improvement list.  I painted our front door.  It was easy, it was inexpensive and in about 2 hours our front door had a fresh and welcoming new look.

black front door
Thanks to Modern Masters.

Several weeks ago, as part of the Modern Masters Front Door Campaign, I received a quart of their new Front Door Paint to try. That beautiful quart of paint was all the motivation I needed to start my front door makeover. 

As soon as I decided to try the new Modern Masters Front Door Paint, I visited the Modern Masters  website (which offers tons of product info, support and ideas) to explore the beautiful 24 color palette. There, I discovered they have created a free app (for iPhone and Android) which lets you take a picture of your front door and then try out all their hand picked front door colors on your actual front door. It's addicting and you will try every color.

So, after trying them all, it was obvious that the color that would work best with our historic home  was Elegant, a classic black.

Now you can't go wrong with black. But, I did find myself wishing I had a white house and could try one of the other gorgeous colors like Fortunate, a cheerful granny smith apple green.

But Elegant it was...

I prepped my door by wiping it down with a solution of water and white vinegar. Then I applied the  Front Door Paint using a two inch angled brush and working by panels on the door. Also, follow the grain of the door along each panel for the smoothest look.

The Front Door Paint went on smoothly, and dried quickly to a glossy finish. I was able to apply 1 more coat and the door was completely painted in two hours.

I had plenty of paint left. The paint comes in a screw top container which I love, because it keeps the paint in good condition for the next year or two when you want to freshen the color.

Front Door Paint is available at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwaresas well as online via or the Modern Masters online shop. So easy to find and then easy to transform!

Modern Masters Elegant

black front door

Find beauty in your day!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The White Country Kitchen: The Paint I Chose to Transform my Cabinets

white kitchen

In Febuary, we finished updating the kitchen in our victiorian farm house. With the help of a gallon of primer and white paint, we transformed if from dark and dated to bright and fresh.

For this project, I knew I wanted the look of a traditional country white kitchen. 

I also knew, having worked as a decorative painter and having painted my fair share of kitchens, that painting kitchens is neither fun nor easy.  It is a lot of work. So, you want to make sure that after all that work, it looks professional and will last. How do you do that? By making sure you select good products that are easy to use and durable

Now starting out, I wanted to use chalk paint. you see I am a chalk paint fan. A big chalk paint fan. I use it almost exclusively for my furniture. But, I knew I had to be sure that chalk paint would be the best choice for me. 
As much as I love it, would it be cost effective, easy and durable? 
After a lot of online research, I decided against chalk paint. 

Now if want chalk paint in your kitchen, go for it! 
I actually followed up with a friend who painted her cabinets with chalk paint a year ago to see how they have held up. She said she just used wax and they have held up great. 
For my project, it just wasn't the best choice for me.
Here are the products I chose to paint my kitchen...

Benjamin Moore does offer an ADVANCE primer too, but I used this as it was highly recommended by our contractor. I loved it.

Now don’t skip this step. Not on kitchen cabinets. 
Don't let anyone tell you different. No matter which paint you go with, oil, acrylic, or chalk kitchen cabinets are used and abused so you want to ensure that paint adheres well. Use white for white cabinets or have it tinted as close as you can to the color you choose. This step will also help you get better coverage and use less paint which means less money.

I used Benjamin Moore ADVANCE alkyd paint.

After a lot of internet research and recommendation from painters, I went with Advance paint. Thin and creamy it went on smoothly, self leveled and best of all, it required no top coat. I have easily wiped away spills, even dried on food, since painting my cabinets. Also, if I ever have nicks, I can pop open a can and touch up without worrying about a difference in sheen from a topcoat. 

As I said earlier, I love chalk paint. I really was planning on using it in my kitchen, 
but here is what stopped me...

  • You still need to prime in kitchen..I recommend using primer no matter what so even with chalk there is that extra step.  
  • Your must use a top coat with chalk paint. That costs money and time. You would need two coats to ensure coverage and you have to worry about drips.
  • Now that you have it top coated, if you ever have nicks you need to paint and topcoat again.

To show you how the primer and paint will look. Here is after just one coat of primer. I did two coats on everything so my white paint would cover easily.

Then, using a brush and roller, I applied two coats of paint.

 After two coats of paint.


Find beauty in your day!

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