Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Welcoming New Look With Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Just before memorial weekend, I was able to cross a project off our never-ending home improvement list.  I painted our front door.  It was easy, it was inexpensive and in about 2 hours our front door had a fresh and welcoming new look.

black front door
Thanks to Modern Masters.

Several weeks ago, as part of the Modern Masters Front Door Campaign, I received a quart of their new Front Door Paint to try. That beautiful quart of paint was all the motivation I needed to start my front door makeover. 

As soon as I decided to try the new Modern Masters Front Door Paint, I visited the Modern Masters  website (which offers tons of product info, support and ideas) to explore the beautiful 24 color palette. There, I discovered they have created a free app (for iPhone and Android) which lets you take a picture of your front door and then try out all their hand picked front door colors on your actual front door. It's addicting and you will try every color.

So, after trying them all, it was obvious that the color that would work best with our historic home  was Elegant, a classic black.

Now you can't go wrong with black. But, I did find myself wishing I had a white house and could try one of the other gorgeous colors like Fortunate, a cheerful granny smith apple green.

But Elegant it was...

I prepped my door by wiping it down with a solution of water and white vinegar. Then I applied the  Front Door Paint using a two inch angled brush and working by panels on the door. Also, follow the grain of the door along each panel for the smoothest look.

The Front Door Paint went on smoothly, and dried quickly to a glossy finish. I was able to apply 1 more coat and the door was completely painted in two hours.

I had plenty of paint left. The paint comes in a screw top container which I love, because it keeps the paint in good condition for the next year or two when you want to freshen the color.

Front Door Paint is available at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwaresas well as online via or the Modern Masters online shop. So easy to find and then easy to transform!

Modern Masters Elegant

black front door

Find beauty in your day!


Ronald Armeen said...

I love the black door. I feel like people tend to stay away from that door color because they think it will not look good but I think it is almost always the right choice. I can not remember the last time I did not have a black door. Maybe it was about 15 years ago or possibly even 20

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

Earl Mark said...

I can totally relate to your experience! I spent part of a weekend repainting a wall in our living, but I decided to do the window trim another time. Months later, I looked over at the wall and realized that I never finished the trim! Somehow, I had completely forgotten that I needed to do it. Your blog has motivated me to finish my project. Thank you!

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

Unknown said...

Great job on the project, Deb! It's a small thing, but it's a great little tweak. I think the new color really looks great with the brick. It's always so cool, seeing your product reviews. I would never find out about half of this stuff if not for your blog.

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply

Unknown said...

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