Friday, September 22, 2017

The Boys' Bathroom update and an Empty Nest

My nest is empty. 21 years of kids in the house over like that. Sippy cups, field days, driving lessons….been there done that.

It is bittersweet. I have been so excited to see my boys off to college and to send them off to some of the best years of their lives. But I miss them! I have been essentially a stay-at-home mom, so finding my footing now, without my days defined by sporting events and lunches to pack, is strange… and a bit sad. 

But I am finding some real upsides to this empty nest thing. The boys’ rooms are always neat and the beds are made, I run the dish washer every other day, I do half the laundry loads a week and I am cleaning things in our home I haven’t thought about in years!!

It is now time for me to dig into home projects and grow a business… 

And I can find plenty of projects, let me tell you. With an old victorian farmhouse and a restless mind, there is always something to do. My youngest son's bathroom was the first thing to tackle…it is has been seriously in need of an update.  There was a very dated and cheap sink, grey square tile with black grout in the tub surround and a vintage black and white tile.

We decided to update the tile around the tub... and on the floor. Even though the floor sort of fit the house, my husband and son did not like all! So, we choose a light weathered gray porcelain wood look tile.   

We really needed to keep this bathroom on a tight budget so I went with simple and clean. I was hoping to do a more interesting sink, but because of the plumbing, a simple sink with a large opening would ensure we did not have any extra plumbing costs. The pop of personality is going to come with a unique shower curtain and some slightly uncommon hardware. 
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So, here is the bathroom after the wall tile was removed! We now need to replace those walls with cement board.

And here it is with the new gray much more pleasing on the eye don't you think!

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