Monday, October 23, 2017

Beautiful Abandoned Homes

abandoned old home

Ever since I was little, I have been enchanted by old homes. There is just something about them. I love that they are unique and they have a lifetimes of stories behind their walls. Often the architecture seems to have had so much attention to detail, I wonder about the people that built them and how creating something with beauty was important to them.

Recently, while looking at Halloween ideas on Pinterest, some pictures of eerily beautiful abandoned homes popped up. To see homes that were once beautiful and loved abandoned, is mind boggling to me.

What happened to make these families leave? Was it illness? Did the towns around them die?

Living in an old Victorian farmhouse myself, I am so grateful that the many people that lived here before us, always cared for this home and in a sense preserved it.

I couldn’t resist creating a board for these stunning homes that weren’t so lucky to be loved by other families. Perfect for Halloween, I wanted to share these homes. Maybe these homes will be loved again one day.

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